Yes, cars need the warm up period to get all the juices flowing. Mainly the engine oil, very essential to the life of the engine. An oil pump sits in the bottom of the oil pan and need time to push the oil to the top of the engine. Taking five to ten minutes to let your car warm up a little could take you a long way.

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Engine light on                   Installations                              Suspension work                          

Air conditioning                 Batteries                                    Head gasket repair

A/C compressors                Radiators                                   Power steering

Timing belt                         A/C Refrigerant                          Rear differentials

Fuel pumps/Filter            Overheating Problems             Front end ball joints

Gas tanks                            Diagnostics                                 Serpentine belt

Hoses                                  Water pumps                               Sensor problem

Tires                                    Heater core                                  Shock absorbers

Belts                                    Ignition componets                    Install clutches                

Rear Axles                          Thermostat                                   Valve cover         

Starters                              CV Axles                                          Tune-up

Alternators                        Control arms                                  Electrical

Crankshaft sensor           Oil change                                     Camshaft sensor 

Transmission                    Oxygen sensor                              Distrubitors   

Disc brakes                       Drum brakes                                  Brake calipers   

RVs and boats                  Routine maintenance                  Vehicle Inspection      

No crank                            Crank but no start                        Equipment repair

Muffler system                 Head lamps replacement            Car wash & Wheel shine

Intake manifold               Plenum remove and replace       Exhaust manifold                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



30.05.2022 19:12

Lisa Huff

Love you baby. Your wife Lisa

28.05.2022 14:36

Dan Wahlstrom

Good Morning, we are looking for assistance on repairing the axels and wheels for our boat trailer. Please contact us for details about the job in Des Moines, WA

30.07.2021 18:13

Alexsandr Sitnik

my 2016 VW Passat engine will not start. It has a push button, when I push on it, the battery turns on but not the engine

08.01.2021 02:38

Dylan Schiff

I need a diagnostics done on my 98 Honda Civic ex there’s a crank but no start.

22.10.2020 19:59

Zavon Dickerson

I called the numbers listed and didnt get to leave a VM. I am in need of some auto repairs u on my 2000 A4

12.09.2020 18:09

Isabela Hathaway

Hi! Can i schedule an appointment for someone to come to my house and repair my van? The exhaust manifold needs a new gasket, i cant seem to find anyone who will fix it. Thank you

25.07.2020 18:45

Richard C

Price on brakes 2003 Buick century front

16.07.2020 18:36

John Jimenez

My truck overheated I have a 2002 Trailblazer Chevy

27.11.2019 04:41

ChristyAnn Miguel-Santos

Hi there,
My name is ChristyAnn!
And I’m interested in getting my 2001 Lexus gs300 fixed. I’ve been with out my car since last week Friday. And my car has been overheating.

09.08.2019 02:15

Cathy Golden

I am interested in making an appointment ASAP! Have left you a message 8-8-2019

30.05.2019 16:15

Hansen Pitts

I have a 1981 Chevy K20 Scottsdale that I am having troubles with. I think the starter might be bad, I tried jumping it but it wouldn't turn at all but the lights all work. Hoping to get it checked.

03.06.2019 04:24


Hansen, Please call in or send a text to 206 852 4366 to schedule.

04.09.2018 16:15


Hello, I'm looking for help to put on some back brakes shoes, for a 2001 Honda Odyssey. I will buy the brake shoes, just need help putting them on. Can I get an estimate? In Rainier Beach, Thank you

05.09.2018 16:57

Joseph Broussard

Hi Gordon, Please call in to the service to schedule.